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Laura’s School of Dance was established in the summer of 2000. Since it’s beginning, the school has taught thousands of students the art of dance. The school was created with the intention of training young dancers to be able to express themselves through dance, build self confidence and a healthy self image, and develop a love for the art of dance. Our teachers are all highly trained, caring, compassionate dancers who find great joy in watching their dancers grow up to become confident young adults.

Our mission statement is:

Above all else, dancing should be fun! The goal of Laura’s School of Dance is to teach dancers of all ages to enjoy dancing, to dance from the heart, and to use proper technique. It is our objective to educate students about the history of dance, different styles, and correct technique, while providing healthy, positive, enjoyable atmosphere. It is our hope that our students will leave feeling stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally and with a strong appreciation of dance that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Jammie Burns

    I’m interested in enrolling my 11 YO daughter Gracie into dance. She likes pop type music. Do you have anything available and what is the monthly fee.




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