Why Choose LSOD?

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Here’s Why Laura’s School of Dance Is The Right Choice For Your Dancer

  • We have highly qualified, friendly teachers and aides.
  • We have floating hard wood floors to help reduce the risk of injuries.
  • No-Slip Marley Flooring.
  • Most classes have a choice of more than one teacher to fit your child’s personality and learning style and more than one time to fit your schedule.
  • Great care is taken to make sure music and choreography selections are age appropriate.
  • A full wall of mirrors in each studio so dancers can watch and correct themselves.
  • One-way glass observation windows are in the lobby so parents can watch their child.
  • Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours.
  • Students and parents are not required to fund raise for studio events or attend a lot of extra events.
  • Students are given the option to perform in two annual shows allowing them the chance to show what they have learned.
  • Parent viewing weeks are held twice a year so you can watch your child and teacher in action.
  • Automatic debit payment option available to make fees no hassle.
  • There are not a lot of extra fees throughout the year. Recital costume payments are divided up into three easy installments during the year.
  • A dance boutique is on site for convenient dance wear shopping.
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